Month: February 2018

Quilt #49

Last quilt for the Johnson boys. This one is for Matthew.

Quilt #48

And yet another quilt done this month.  This one is for Zachary Johnson.  I made him a baby quilt when he was born but then I realized that boys aren’t going to treasure baby stuff for very long.  So, like

Quilt #47

Finally getting little brother quilts done for the Johnson boys. The first one is for Jacob.

Quilt #46

Here is the quilt I did to help Bob raise money for the Movember organization. It is very similar to his quilt with a few subtle differences

Quilt #45

My friend, Bobby, gave me an idea for a quilt for Movember. I decided to do one for him too. Assuming he doesn’t look at this website he won’t know about this one until he actually receives it. The main