Quilt #52

A real simple quilt with an awesome quilting pattern. I picked up the fabric in Taos, NM. I couldn’t find any souvenir playing cards so I made this quilt instead. The long-armer used sugar skulls for the quilting.

Quilt #51

A little different take on the “old shirts” quilt. I wanted to do something a little different and with tools instead of mustaches. This, however, is the last quilt made with those old shirts. All the little pieces are either in a quilt or have been thrown away. They were all over the house.

Quilt #50

This milestone quilt is for my granddaughter, Gracie. Right now she is into pink.

Quilt #48

And yet another quilt done this month.  This one is for Zachary Johnson.  I made him a baby quilt when he was born but then I realized that boys aren’t going to treasure baby stuff for very long.  So, like his brothers, I made a Seuss play/throw quilt that he can grow with.

Quilt #45

My friend, Bobby, gave me an idea for a quilt for Movember. I decided to do one for him too. Assuming he doesn’t look at this website he won’t know about this one until he actually receives it.

The main 18 blocks are made from old mens shirts that I picked up at resale shops. It was an interesting quilt to make.

Quilt #44

I did this one for Valentine’s. It is one of the few that I designed and selected the fabric all on my own. I did the pattern before I left Houston. I collected the fabric over the last two years.