Year: 2012

Quilt #22

Well, this one was a surprise for this year.  I actually bought the kit last year thinking it was all blues.  When I got the fabric I was disappointed with all the non-blue fabric.  In October I finally decided to

Quilt #21

Here’s the Cat-in-the-Hat quilt that I will be keeping.  There are two things different from Carter’s quilt (#18).  Can you see what they are?

Quilt #20

The Lorax.  Fun movie, fun quilt.  Didn’t have a pattern for this.  I saw one that Kathy at Quilter’s Cottage did, without a pattern, and I modeled mine after hers.  This one will stay with us.  🙂

Quilt #19

Sentiments. This is one of this year’s Christmas quilts. It started out as a kit but I do not like wall hangings so I turned it into a lap quilt. In doing so, I ended up pretty much rewriting the

B. J. at Six Months

For my birthday, I got to spend a couple of weeks having B. J. in the house.  He was just six months old and a ton of fun.  He also had the power to make adults be totally silly in

B. J.’s First Day

Brandon James Alexander Berry came in to the world the evening of January 27, 2012.  You can see from the picture his first day was a day of wonder and exploration.  He was very alert and seemed to be happy. 

Quilt #18

Yea!  Another Seuss quilt.  I did this for Carter.  I was rewarded with a brilliant smile when he saw it.  I like this one so much I am going to do one for us too.

Quilt #17

I did this one for the Teen Auction at church.  I really liked the way it turned out.  I also liked the pattern that Carrol used on the longarming.  Be sure to check that out.  

Quilt #16

Cooper has a Seuss quilt so Colby needed one too, right?  This was supposed to be a fairly random sort of pattern.  You can see it didn’t quite happen that way.  Without realizing I was doing it, I cut everything

Quilt #15

The Itsy Bitsy Spider pattern for Gary and Cheryl Rinehart’s first grandbaby.  I was working on a deadline for this quilt.  It was an easy pattern that produced a pretty cool quilt.