Quilt #42

Another late graduation quilt.  This one is for my nephew Jonathan.  His favorite color is purple.  That made finding fabric pretty difficult.  I got lucky on that backing though!

Quilt #41

Made this quilt for Kaleb’s high school graduation. It’s a little late but it’s now done. Kaleb was the first grandchild of Rick and Virginia Johnson. I still remember being down in Corpus Christi to sing when they got the call that Kaleb was born. Some happy people that evening.

Quilt #40

This is the first quilt I’ve made in over a year.  I made it for the young man who has come to live with us, Linkohn.  He picked out all the fabric himself. The backing is a woven fabric. It is really soft and made for snuggling.



Quilt #39

Here is quilt #39.  You’ll notice that this is the same as #38 except for the border.  When I ordered the fabric this summer I was between hospital stays and not thinking at my best.  I ordered twice as much inner fabric as I needed and only half of what I needed for the border.  This border is pretty cool though.  The quilt is for a little boy at church.  I think he’ll like it.  🙂






Quilt #35

This is a stadium quilt I did for Sebastian.  He is a good friend of all the boys.  The boys go to Timpanogos High School, hence the THS.  Stevie and Dillon will be getting theirs soon.



Quilt #34

Well, another quilt done with fabric that I’ve had for a long time. When I bought the fabric I knew I wanted to make a quilt but I had no idea what to make. Lisa C. helped me design this.









Quilt #33

Well, I finally finished it. I bought this fabric, Dragonfly Daze, back in January of 2011 and put it away because the pattern looked to be too difficult. I dug it out this spring and looked at the pattern, Simon’s Landing, and realized that it was actually very simple…and quick. I’ve always like the fabric. I’m glad the quilt is finally done.