Category: Quilts 2015

Quilt #39

Here is quilt #39.  You’ll notice that this is the same as #38 except for the border.  When I ordered the fabric this summer I was between hospital stays and not thinking at my best.  I ordered twice as much

Quilt #38

Marvel Superheroes quilt for my great nephew Rueger.  Lots and lots of colors.  I think he’ll like it.  🙂    

Quilt #37

Got it done. Here is Stevie’s stadium quilt. Now the three boys can go to the football games together and show some school spirit and stay warm. 🙂

Quilt #36

Here is Dillon’s stadium quilt. His is the same as Sebastian’s. Stevie’s will be the different one to balance things out.

Quilt #35

This is a stadium quilt I did for Sebastian.  He is a good friend of all the boys.  The boys go to Timpanogos High School, hence the THS.  Stevie and Dillon will be getting theirs soon.

Quilt #34

Well, another quilt done with fabric that I’ve had for a long time. When I bought the fabric I knew I wanted to make a quilt but I had no idea what to make. Lisa C. helped me design this.

Quilt #33

Well, I finally finished it. I bought this fabric, Dragonfly Daze, back in January of 2011 and put it away because the pattern looked to be too difficult. I dug it out this spring and looked at the pattern, Simon’s