Category: Quilts 2014

Quilt #32

This is Joseph’s quilt, the younger brother.  The pattern is Looking In.  It too has forty eight blocks made from 46 different Dr. Seuss fabrics.  

Quilt #31

This quilt is for John, the older brother.  It is the Dancing Patchwork pattern.  There are forty eight blocks with forty six different Dr. Seuss fabrics.  I had no idea I had that many.  

Quilt #30

With school and everything else going on I didn’t have a lot of time for quilts this year.  I did want to do quilts for some friends from church and their two little boys.  The quilt for the parents was

Quilt #29

I found this fabric at Quilter’s Emporium last year, right before we left Houston, and then I proceeded to lose it.  I found it a few weeks ago decided there was nothing wrong with getting an early start on a

Quilt #28

I’ve had this quilt ready for a couple of months, we’ve just been so busy we haven’t be able to take pictures.  Decided to do it tonight and we had to fight the wind.  This a “requested” quilt.  Joey saw

Quilt #27

And here is Stevie’s quilt.

Quilt #26

FINALLY got two more of the boys’ quilts finished. This one is Dillon’s. The boys laid out the fabric themselves.

Quilt #25

I’ve had the fabric for a while so I finally decided to do the quilt.  LOTS of squares.  The longarm quilter used a western theme on the quilting.