Quilt #12

The nightmare Christmas quilt. When I saw the Jim Shore Santas I knew I wanted to do this quilt. Unfortunately, the pattern was not tested and I made the mistake of cutting everything first. I ended up having to buy a second set of fabric and I had to re-write the pattern. I didn’t finish it until after Christmas last year but it will be on my bed this year!

Quilt #11

Another one of those quilts I would put on my bed.  This one has 292 of those itty bitty 9-patches.  I did it for Allen Isbell.  He is always so generous with his time and expertise and I wanted to do something special for him.


Quilt #10

I did this one for Mikey Isbell.  I saw the pattern and fabric and thought it would be perfect for her house.  The center section is a panel but it is bordered by quilted blocks.  I would not have thought to do a Christmas quilt in black and red but this one is cool.


Quilt #9

Jacolby’s quilt. Here is an example of why I don’t try to pick out fabric. Linda at QuiltWorks picked them out for this one. Each time she handed me the bolt I tried to get her to do something else. I didn’t like any of them. She told me to just be quiet and carry the fabric. When I got the blocks put together and Joey layed them out for me I was amazed at how good the fabrics looked together. This is definitely one of the quilts I would have put on my bed. 🙂

Quilt #7

And of course, big brother needed an “Uncle Jim” quilt too so I made this one for Wesley Johnson. I actually designed this one. It was my first attempt. Seuss fabric is fun to work with and fun to look at when the quilt is complete.

Quilt #4

The second quilt for one of the boys. Joey and Alex went to the Quilters Emporium with me and picked out all the fabric for their quilts. We were in there over two hours. Afterward, Pam told me next time I let someone choose their own fabric, only allow them to pick one and she’d take care of the rest. That sounds like a real good idea to me.