Quilt #2

This was my first quilt on my own.  I made it for Anthony.  I picked out the top fabrics on my own and Anthony picked out the backing.  It was a LOT of cutting and sewing.  I like the way it turned out.

My First Quilt

In October of 2010 I decided it was time to get serious about doing quilts for the boys. The older three would soon be heading out on their own so I thought it was time to start getting some quilts made. Grandma made sure all her grandsons could run a sewing machine and knew the basics of sewing. I took a quilting class from Linda at QuiltWorks in Cypress and learned the basics of quilting. What I discovered is that doing a quilt top is a huge geometry project. Cut your pieces correctly and make accurate seams and everything comes together at the end. Once of the hitches I’ve run into is my lack of color vision. I only see about 30% of the colors a normal person does. For me, picking out fabric for a quilt is an exercise in futility. Fortunately, the folks at the great quilt shops around the Houston area are really wonderful about helping me out.

This is my first quilt. I started this as part of my quilting class.  Two years later, I finally have it finished!!